I Know, I Know…

I suck.

I’ve all but abandoned this site. I’ve seen the comments, I’ve read the emails and I know: I haven’t been giving this site and my loyal few readers the attention they deserve. My professional and personal life have been chaotic — death in the family, wedding in the family, acquisition at work that required a truckloads of hours (but was a good thing), periodic illness, family obligations, professional obligations, etc… . It’s just been a nutty last several months, and the likelihood of it getting better anytime soon is fairly slim.

That being said, I wanted everybody to know I was I alive (as I’ve gotten that email, too). I rarely turn on my computer in the evenings when I get home, preferring to spend time with my family and relax. I rarely post on Facebook (which annoys people as well, I know), and we all know my general feelings on twitter.

I can say that I’m going to post more on here, that I’m going to commit time to this, but, honestly, I don’t know if I can or will. Not all of us can be as cool as Jon (I kid, but Jon is a cool guy, he really is). And if I had more free time, I’d probably spend it getting bendblogs.com back up and running as that did more for the local blogger community than most of the projects I’ve worked on.

Or I’d do none of the above, as nobody knows where life is going to lead.

Meanwhile, I’m going to do what I’ve always done and take things a day at a time and see where that takes me. Hopefully that will bring me back to this site again so I can start writing some more (which I dearly miss), but we’ll just have to see what happens. Thanks again to all of you who are still checking-in.


Antilawyer says:

You don’t suck but we do miss you and understand how life has a tendency to mess with the best laid plans. We hope it leads you back to this site. Thanks for updating all us silent voyeurs. Looking forward to visiting Sunriver next week! So groovy east of the Cascades. From PDX w/ love… Us.
(Jake’s note: Reposting this comment after-the-fact as I had to rebuild part of my site last week. This comment originally came in on on 08/30/13 @ 10:32 AM)

More posts would be good! 🙂

Dean says:

Miss you men

Greg says:

We’ll wait here till you’re ready.