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Stupidly Massive Link Dump

So obviously my life is far too chaotic at the moment to post here much, but that doesn’t mean I’m not collecting links to share. To keep everybody occupied for a bit, enjoy;

Craigslist Sues Man, Wins $1.2 Million Default Judgement, All Without Him Knowing

Does anybody else find craiglist’s tactics a little psychotic here?

The guy started a reddit thread that discusses this whole idiotic mess as well, but craigslist is basically trying to destroy the life of a man who created software (which he’s since pulled) that made posting to craigslist easier.

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OK, that’s enough for now.

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Apparently “The Liberal Agenda” Is The Cause For All Problems

The American Spectator is asking its subscribers to pony up some $26,000 in donations to help it offset increased printing costs. Their reasoning? The shortfall was “created by the perverse incentives of the liberal agenda.” Um…OK…

According to the conservatives, the liberals are to blame for everything, including rising costs of paper. Apparently costs for paper weren’t rising at all over the last decade, just during the last two years.

This is why I avoid political discussion, as this kind of crap is so prevalent on both sides of things.

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Cleaning out the links that have collected over the last few days before I head to the concert tonight (there are still plenty of tickets available at the door, all free, so I’d encourage you to come!):

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Kick Blount Off The Team

After the Ducks got beaten up by Boise State last night, Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount decided to sucker punch a Boise State player. While Blount apologized, it doesn’t matter — Blount is a punk, always has been, and new coach Chip Kelly needs to send a message that this kind of crap won’t be tolerated. Kick the guy off the team.

Update: He’s done. Good.