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Every-three-month(ish) Link Dump

OK, so I know I’m totally neglecting things here. My new job at a local outsourced IT company is going well, but keeping me busy. And yes, I did just try to give them some SEO linkage there because they need it. But after dealing with computers and people’s issues with their computers all day long, sometimes I just don’t feel like turning mine on in the evening. But otherwise, it’s going well, the people are cool, and I have health insurance for the first time in 11 years (which would have came in handy nine years ago).

That being said, I’m still collecting a link pile, and have some to share, so enjoy!

Flat Out Crazy/Stupid/etc…

Coat yourself in wheels, fly down a hill, pass a few cars … all in a day’s work:

You’d Never See This In America

Only in India…

Scary Stat For The Day

AOL still has 3.5 million dialup subscribers.

(I’ll get some more links posted as the week goes on. I’m still recovering from several days of concerts and rehearsals, and actually want to see my family one of these evenings.)

Back To Reality

Back at the office today after the trip (good time was had by all, though I could use another week or 12 off). I’m still going through all the email I’ve received, and will try to post a pile of links in the next couple days or so.

Did I miss anything fun?

Super Mario Bros. Bad Guys Reimagined

If I would’ve seen these things during my game-play, I would have ran away crying.

The artist’s web site is here where he has more.

Android Screen Customization Is A Great Feature

But sometimes folks can go overboard and it can get really ugly.

Japan Won’t Stop Shaking

While I knew that there were a lot of after-shocks after the Japan quake, I didn’t realize that it’s been pretty much non-stop with 549 quakes total (according to that site). The addition of the mapping data makes it that much more frightening.

On a related note, it’s good to know that Apple is taking care of its employees and their families. And this map is handy for emergencies all over the world.

Amazing (and Scary) Japan Tsunami Video and Photos

These three videos have compiled a large amount of the amazing video footage into a few YouTube videos, In Focus has a pile of amazing photos spread among two articles, and The Big Picture does as well.

Update: Related, if you’re concerned about the damage to the nuclear plans and if they could cause more trouble, this Reddit AMA with a former nuclear emergency planner (and current nuclear engineer) will clear things up and put to rest some of the “Holy cow, the world’s going to be covered with radiation!!!!1111leleven!!11!” concerns.

And I just came across this video that was pretty intense and this video (direct download — right-click, save as if it doesn’t work in your browser) that was downright frightening (I think both of these clips are part of the above links, but not 100% sure).

Update on 3/14: These before/after satellite photos are absolutely amazing and terrifyingly frightening.

It’s The Inequality, Stupid