The Final Four Is Set!

In all the years I’ve been running the pick ’em on this site, never have I been in contention to win the thing this late in the game. As it stands right now, I manage to pick 3 of the 4 Final Four teams and stand in second place behind “Zen-ish,”, who has been close to the lead for more of the tournament. If Kansas and Kentucky win next weekend, it would come down to me and “BBall Magic” for the championship, as he picked Kentucky to win, I picked Kansas.

That being said, it doesn’t really matter, other than for bragging rights. I’ve said all along, I’m not eligible for any prizes, so should I manage to win, the prizes will be given away starting with the second place person. But you dang-well better believe that that I’m going to make sure everybody knows that I picked it right.

Of course, knowing my luck, all this might be for naught as Louisville and Ohio State might win and I won’t get any more points anyway, so it might end up being a moot point.