Anybody in Portland-area have a place my family and I can crash next Thursday night?

If any friends or family in the Portland/Beaverton/etc… area would like the pleasure (or displeasure, depending on how you look at it) of our family’s company the night of Thursday, October 6th, and has room for all four of us (my wife and I and two daughters) to crash there for the night, send me an email or note or something (jake {at} orty {dot} com). I will be attending a funeral on Friday morning (the 7th) in Forest Grove and I can’t say that I really want to drive from Bend at the crack of dawn if I can avoid it (that’s time I’d rather spend with my family up there). I’d ask the family I have in Forest Grove, but I have a feeling that they’re already going to be full up (as there are people coming in from all over for this funeral).


Homersolo says:

Do you have this taken care of yet?

Anonymous says:

I do, thanks Homer 🙂