Telling It Like It Is: WTF Central Oregon

WTF Central Oregon is, as the creator puts it, “an uncensored view on Central Oregon life, news, and events.” Which means rants and rave with some naughty language thrown in, but his videos are still quite an entertaining look at Central Oregon. Here is his latest video (naughty language warning):

He’s right: Why should we waste tax payer money on the drunkards that float the river?


Thank you for the promotion. It means a lot and I apologize for the language but I wanted to do something that was 100% me and the way I talk and react. The purpose of this show is to create an awareness that is pretty much a verbal kick in the teeth to those that have been apathetic to what goes on here. Thank you once again for sharing!

Jake says:

The language is totally fine by most of my readership, but I know if I don’t put a warning, I’ll get pounced on by folks with too much time on their hands 😉