Power’s Out, Trees Are Coming Down

The snow and ice storm (see previous entry) has knocked out power all over town including my house. I’m posting this from my cell phone. Tree branches have breaking off all over my neighborhood from the snow and if you stand outside for a few minutes, you can hear the cracking wood echo throughout the area.

I’m just really glad we have a fresh load of firewood so we don’t freeze. It’s a nice 71° in the house right now.

The snow has appeared to stop for a bit. I’m going to go see if I can knock down some snow off my trees.

Update later in the evening: The power was out for about 5½ hours or so. Our leafy trees all survived, but I can’t say the same about the rest of Bend. Our neighbors all lost many branches. We have a 20-foot chunk of one of our neighbor’s trees that has taken up residence in our backyard after cracking off high up on the tree and bouncing off our shed. The folks living behind us have a large chunk of something laying on their roof.

We drove around town a bit now that the roads have melted off a bit, and the damage is mostly to the deciduous trees around town that had yet to lose their leaves for the season (as this is really early to have this kind of snow). The wet heavy snow stuck would usually have nothing to stick to, but the leaves gave the snow something to stick to. The trees’ branches couldn’t handle the weight, and just snapped left and right. A gigantic poplar tree up the road from us lost a ton of branches and made a big mess out of the road that I had to move to get out of the neighborhood. Drake Park was a mess of broken branches throughout the park. We saw a nearly full-size tree that just missed clobbering an SUV on the West side of town. KTVZ has a decent gallery of photos of some of the carnage.

The theory is that tomorrow’s weather is supposed to warm up, but I’ll believe it when I see it.


Markus says:

So true, same here. Fire is going, power is still on, but the tree suffered and yes, it is 71 degrees and one layer has to come off before I start sweating here on my couch.

The Dren says:

Wow, your October is weather is a little different than Pearland, TX.
Today it was mid 80’s, with light to very heavy thunderstorms on and off all day. Our backyard is a mud pit, and I’m expecting to loose power at some point if the lightning continues. AC is set on 78.
It did clear up to grill dinner for the family, but now the rain is starting again.
Hope you gusy stay warm, the trees survive and your power comes back on soon.

Karin says:

Just looked at the pics… that is sooooo wrong, ugh!! Sorry to hear you were w/o power for so long, that seriously bites… I am glad that you stayed warm and sustained little damage. Doggone! Snow! And a LOT of it!! *shakes head* Glad you are all OK.

Steve McDermott says:

And the amazing thing is that there was almost no snow in Redmond, none at all in Madras and Gov’t Camp was dry by afternoon! Love those CO localized storms!
We live in the Valley now, but we were at Mom’s house last weekend with the summer tires still on. Sliding through stop signs, wheee!

Frank says:

Lost some of my favorite fruit trees … sigh.