PR People Are Stupid

As Simone’s great rant points out, Public Relations folks (especially small-town PR folks who think they’re big-city PR folks) are idiots. Since when does a press photographer need to give her SS# and proof of health insurance to shoot a small town event (that she’s even shot before)? Apparently they do now.


kasey says:

as someone who did events, we LOVED it when the press came. they need to fire that woman or email a link to simone’s post to the proper persons at the sister’s rodeo.

Don’t piss of a journalist with a blog

PR practitioners screw up now and then, as everybody else. Problem is that when you piss of a journalist who has a personal blog, your screw up becomes public knowledge.

Jonathan says:

I’ve dealt with my fair share of PR Hacks. Providing a SSN to gain press access, that really takes the cake, and is probably in violation of some privacy act. Thanks for sharing.