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It's Video Link Dump Time! Videos after the jump:

Darth Vader Being a Smartass:

Beware Of The Doghouse (higher res here) -- Thanks Cheryl:

Poor Goldfish (NSFW) -- Thanks Dave:

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Gets RickRolled:

Chicken Head Tracking:

Bike Hero (and the response):

Don't Copy That Floppy (classic anti-piracy video):

Family Guy Sums Up Iraq War in 30 Seconds:

Ken's Super Mario Bros. 3 1-1 for LIttle Big Planet:

Crazy Guy Beats Guitar Hero 3 Using Drums (read up here on how he did it)

Snowboarding in an Avalanche is Probably A Bad Idea, even if this guy lived (barely):

History Of The Wilhelm Scream:

Take On Me: Literal Version:

The Real Blue Screen of Death:

LeBron James Gets Beat By Everyday Dude in Horse:

Lazy Town and Lil' John:

BathTub II (Tiltshift Stop Animation):

Homemade Video For Weird Al's "Polka Your Eyes Out":

What If Ferris Really Was Sick?

Posted by Jake on 12/01/08 @ 09:43 PM
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