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Did Bend Have A Ninja Problem in the Early 80s?

It's a good question that Jon asks, based on what he found in the Bend City code.

Possession of a Throwing Star.

(1) Definition: "Throwing Star" means any instrument, without handles, consisting of a metal plate having three or more radiation points with one or more sharp edges, and designed in the shape of a polygon, trefoil, cross, star, diamond, or other geometric shape for use as a weapon for throwing.

(2) A person commits the offense of possession of a throwing star if the person knowingly manufactures, causes to be manufactured, brings into the city, keeps for sale, offers for sale, exposes for sale, gives, lends or possesses a throwing star as defined in section l herein.

(3) Possession of a throwing star is a Class A misdemeanor.

[Section 5.070 added by Ord. NS-l398, passed 6-20-84]

Now, looking at that date, it appeared that it was adopted into law two days before Karate Kid hit the theaters. I was six years old then, but I used to think karate stuff (and throwing stars) were pretty sweet (what little boy didn't?), but I wouldn't have ever know they were illegal (my buddy had a few of them, but we didn't live in the city limits at the time, so I'm sure we were fine). And ol' timers know the story behind this?

I wonder how often this law is enforced. I remember seeing them for sale at some store around town at one point in recent memory, but can't remember where.

But Jon's inspired me -- I think I'm going to have to start digging into the city code. I'm sure there are some goodies in there.

Update on 11/15: Thanks to Cheryl, who talked to some folks at the city, we have an answer:

Yes, the problems was associated with one store owner who was importing various weapons and selling them to kids. The police asked that the owner not sell the throwing stars to kids under 18, but the store owner wouldn't comply. Then the newspaper got wind of the concern expressed by some folks in the community and it was referred to the Council and became a total ban.

Posted by Jake on 11/13/08 @ 10:17 PM
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