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Holy Crap, I've Been Busy

Between buying stuff for my sweetheart of a wife (it's tomorrow, guys) to a crapload of work at my day job along with three concerts and two rehearsals, my week is going to be a mess (and it's only Tuesday, and it's already chaos). On the bright side, I got a new cell phone, so that's always nice -- too bad I haven't had any time to play with it.

Meanwhile, I've been collecting links as usual, so to get some of them out of my link dump folder, here are a bunch of fun YouTube videos (after the jump).

Stonehenge How To: (Thanks Snowbuggie)

Eagles Are Awesome:

Jack Bauer Vs. Aqua Teen Hunger Force: (background)

When Cat's Attack:

Star Wars With Hands (weird...):

Pulp Fiction, F'ing Short Version:

Weatherman Versus Cockroach:

Hardest Video Game Bosses Ever (both from the same game)?:

Your Water Bills High? Blame Your Cat...as he's doing this while you're at work:

Amazing Marksman:

I won't link to them all here, but here is a page dedicated to folks playing the Super Mario Bros. theme on a crapload of different instruments.

And another page of YouTube videos that parody the Mac vs. PC ads, but this time from a PC perspective.

Posted by Jake on 02/13/07 @ 04:25 PM
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