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Getting Banned By Google Sucks

If anybody looking at this site has the Google Toolbar, you'll notice something odd about this site: It has a PageRank of 0 -- Zero, zip, nada, nothing. I used to have a PageRank of seven (at least according to the toolbar, which I know isn't totally accurate). But if you also notice, Google doesn't have anything on my site indexed.

Basically, my site no longer exists, according to Google.

Read on for the full story....

How the heck did this happen? About eight weeks ago, I was approached by a company to post a few links on this site. Since they offered me some money for the privilege, I couldn't really refuse. I did a bit of background on the company, checked on sites that they did these types of sub-domain links with, and none of them had any problems with Google results, so I figured "What have I got to lose?"

Big mistake.

I posted the links as they requested, and about a month later I got a nasty (obviously automated) message from Google, stating that I was in violation of their terms for using doorway pages. I told the guy that paid for the links that he had 7 days to clear it up with Google or the ads were gone (he was flabbergasted, too, as he'd never had a problem with them). Nothing was taken care of by Google, so I took down the links, and e-mailed Google, telling them that the links were all removed and will never be put back up.

And so here we are. It's been a couple weeks and looking at my logs, the complete removal from their database happened about seven days ago as my traffic dropped by half (from about 4000 visits per day to 2000) and it appears that I'm not getting any Google search referrals, either (which was a huge chunk of traffic to this site). The $5 or so I was getting a day on Google Adsense clicks has dropped down to about $2 this last week.

From basically every article I've read, I've approached the situation properly, removed the content quickly enough, and did everything right, but looking at the horror stories that I've seen, it could be a month or more before I get back on there again.

If anybody knows anybody at Google and can help me out (not holding my breath there), or has any tips, they'd be much appreciated. But you more than likely won't be seeing posts like this, this, this, this, this, this, this, or this for quite a while.

Posted by Jake on 01/15/06 @ 06:00 PM
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