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Useless Image Captcha

You've probably seen those image captchas that make it so that you have to type in a code from an image before you can submit information on a form. For example, some people have implemented this MovableType plugin to block bots from submitting comment forms. It's effective against comment spam, but screws with accessibility.

Anyhow, I generally don't have a problem with them, but this one I saw on Register.com's Whois Page (you have to put a URL in the field before you can see it) is nearly impossible to translate:

Am I the only one that has a hard time reading that? I couldn't actually get through that one, so I had to cancel and try it again with a more readable captcha. The rest of them looked a bit better (and the only reason I was using Register.com's Whois is because the domain was registered there and I wanted to get as much info as I could), but they're still much harder to read than the typical captcha.
Posted by Jake on 01/11/05 @ 03:21 PM
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