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Ballot Fraud Waiting To Happen

Due to Oregon's mail-only elections, I can understand ballot counters needing a bit of extra time to count them, but a whole week? That's how long clerks in Oregon get, prior to election day, to start opening up and taking care of those votes:

When Oregonians mail their ballots to their county clerks this fall, many might mistakenly believe that those inner, "secrecy envelopes" can?t be opened until Election Day. Actually, clerk?s offices around the state can begin to open and examine those ballots a full week before Nov. 2 -- two days earlier than back in 2000.

The 2001 Legislature approved the two-day extension, requested by county clerks, giving them more time to process and sort the ballots, checking for any problems, said John Lindback, director of the Oregon Elections Division.

"Due to the heavy turnout in 2000, the clerks asked for the extra two days," Lindback said. "All the processing is done by inspection boards and is open to the public, and the counties are, of course, required to keep the ballots secure. Everything can be done (ahead of time) except counting the votes."

The state law, amended in 2001, also says, "The county clerk may take any other actions that are necessary to allow the counting of ballots delivered by mail to begin on Election Day."

So they can't officially begin counting them until Nov. 2, but they can open them and get them all ready for counting.

Is it me, or is this just asking for trouble?

Full Story at Bend.com.

Posted by Jake on 09/20/04 @ 05:00 PM
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