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The Cab Driver

A man returning home a day early from a business trip got into a taxi at the airport just after midnight. The man suspected his wife was having an affair and he intended to catch her in the act.

While enroute to his home, he asked the cabbie if he was willing to be a witness. For $100, the cabbie agreed.

Quietly arriving at the house, the husband and cabbie tiptoed into the bedroom. The husband switched on the lights, yanked the blanket back and there was his wife in the arms of another man!

The husband pulled out a gun and held it to the naked man's head.

"Don't do it!" His wife shouted. "This man has been very generous! I lied when I told you I inherited all that money. This man paid for the Corvette I bought for you. He paid for our new cabin cruiser and the yacht club membership. He paid for our cottage at the lake. He paid for our golf club membership, and he even pays the monthly dues!"

Shaking his head from side-to-side, the husband slowly lowered the gun.

Looking over at the cab driver, he asks, "What would you do?"

The cabbie thinks for a brief moment and says, "I'd cover him up with that blanket before he catches a cold."

(joke via Jumbo Joke)

Posted by Jake on 09/10/04 @ 11:46 PM
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