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Such an Evil Thought

I ranted earlier about my obnoxious neighbors (which, by the way, I haven't done a damn thing about). Somebody e-mailed me a something they did that, while it didn't solve the problem, made them feel better:

Just a little something I did when I had bad neighbors before.

You work in IT, and so do I. I used to get these packs of 3x5 prepaid mailers for information from tons of companies. You, or other folks where you work might get the same. Get some Avery 5160 labels and make a label with your neighbor's name/address/phone pre printed. Sit down with several hundred of these cards and affix the labels.

Drop in mail.

Fun ensues, full mailboxes, tons of telemarketing calls for stuff they have never heard of before.

Best of all, not traceable to you, and you can have the fun of seeing their mailbox crammed full of 200 items a day so that they have to sort to find their legitimate bills.

I have seen those things, and they're included in every issue of Wired. While that's probably not the ideal solution to my problem, it'd still something to at least save in that "If Somebody Ever Pisses Me Off..." folder.

Posted by Jake on 07/21/04 @ 12:05 PM
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