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Damn comment spammers and browser hi-jackers

I've really yet to have too much trouble with comment spamming. I've had my dealings with them before, but my IP ban list keeps most of them at bay. However, I had one that probably would've run rampant on my site had I not locked his IP.

If you were on this site about 45 minutes ago, you would've noticed that this post had 90 comments on it. Yes, you read that right. The most any of my posts have had is about 25. Every single comment was by the same guy, and he submitting this oh-so-relevant comment:

Dear Apple,
I am a homosexual. I bought an Apple computer because of its well earned reputation for being "the" gay computer. Since I have become an Apple owner, I have been exposed to a whole new world of gay friends. It is really a pleasure to meet and compute with other homos such as myself. I plan on using my new Apple computer as a way to entice and recruit young schoolboys into the homosexual lifestyle; it would be so helpful if you could produce more software which would appeal to young boys. Thanks in advance.

with much gayness,
Father Randy "Pudge" O'Day, S.J.

Dear Father O'Day:
Thanks for your letter. Being Catholic myself, I know exactly what you're talking about! It has always been our plan here at Apple Computer Inc to revolutionize personal computing with our high-quality and highly gay products.
I'm happy to answer your letter by letting you know that YES we will be releasing an entire hLife ("homo-life") software line. You'll be able to recognize it in stores by the small stylized logo depicting a large cock entering a tight anus with an Apple logo on it. ("Suddenly it all comes together" indeed!).

Anyway, I hope you and other members of our community will join us on our mission, and purchase the exciting new hLife boxed set. Only the boxed set comes with translucent cock rings!

Harry Rodman
Homosexual Liaison Services
Apple Computer, Inc.

I'm going to take the approach of my Australian partner in crime, and post all of this moron's relevant info in hopes that it gets spammed (too bad my site blocks quite a few spam bots already). Or, in case somebody's bored, you can do a denial of service on the moron's site:

IP Address:

Have fun with it.

The e-mail address that was included was a fake address at a good, legitimate domain, but the problem was that I made the mistake of clicking on the URL that the guy included. If you know what's good for you, you will not go to http://ner0-0nline.0rg/1@stmea$ure/ (and I've intentionally replaced certain characters so you don't accidentally copy and paste). If you do head there, for god-sakes, do it in a text-based browser. If you've seen the goats.cx image, you'll need to understand that the goats.cx image is tame compared to URL -- and it will do everything in its power to hi-jack your browser (latterly 100 pop up windows with equally disgusting crap as well as annoying background music).

For you coders out there, you can see the source code for the page here so you can see the nasty JavaScript. It vicious.

You can actually view the root of the site here which contains links to other browser hi-jacks including the one that took over mine (Last Measure). Good site to use to trash people's home page, but page links to click on yourself.

You can view the Whois here. Needless to say, the owner of that site is getting crap for putting fake crap in his domain records.

I'm sure it's not the site owner's fault (though that Last Measure stuff is disgusting) that somebody posted 90 comments on one post on my site -- he probably had nothing to do with it. But he is the one hosting some nasty browser hi-jacks, that's for sure.

Posted by Jake on 12/30/03 @ 07:35 PM
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