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So I'm over my head cold (mostly) but now my wife caught it and is cussing me. Can't say that I blame her, as I felt pretty cruddy for a few days there. These were able to give us some enjoyment at least...

Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (never saw this when it aired during the 2003 Super Bowl):

Amazing goal by the goalie (all the YouTube links for this are down, so I had to use this):

That's a thin TV:

Five People, One Guitar:

Beatbox Flute:

Never a dull moment on the NYC Subway:

My nerdy juggline friend sent me this, and yes, I'll admit, it's pretty impressive:

Why not? An excavator climbing a tower...

This video must have taken a lot of time, since it's all paper art...

Muppets Rocking out in a Google+ Hangout:

Arnie does AA Milne:

Too lazy to turn pages of your magazine? You need one of these:

How a blind (and slightly drunk) person cooks food alone:

Probably should have shared this around the holidays...It's a Wonderful Extra Life:

These guys are like monkeys (Wadsworth Constant applies):

One more...
These guys are nuts...but the view is amazing:

Posted by Jake on 01/12/12 @ 09:36 PM
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