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You didn't want to get anything done today, right?

I didn't think so. It's video dump time. Enjoy...

Conan corrects Jennifer Garner:

Caption Fail 2 (part 1 is here):

This looks repulsive: A Shepard's Trifle (inspired by a Friends episode). Warning, language warning when the folks actually try the thing:

It's fake, but still funny because, really, that's how things sometimes go when the fit hits the shan (language warning again):

A new (for me) music genre that I'm going to enjoy: Celloboxing (beat-boxing plus cello):

Kids are hilarious. This little girl's reaction to her birthday present is so priceless:

Planking is ridiculous. Even kids agree (there's a whole series of Kids React videos, with Star Wars kid being quite funny) :

That's going to sting a bit:

Great rant about the economic problems of today:

Old Man Smokes with Snoop Dog:

It's a bit long, but Cardboard Warfare 2 is quite well done (part one is here):

"What teachers make". Well done:

"Trick The Bridesmaid" -- a Bad Lip Reading of Barack Obama (original is here, and be sure to have captions on for full effect)

To pick on both sides, here's a bad lip-reading of Michele Bachmann (same deal from above applies):

Facebook and Google / Secret Revealed

Amazing Sycchronized Gymnastics:

Great little short film: Plot Device:

This is when you get the gasoline, dump, throw a match, and run:

Internet Story:

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