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Beaver Fans Are Crazy People

I'm sure I've posted this rant before, but seriously, Beaver Fans, are you really that nutty?

In case you haven't heard, there's a football game this weekend between one school who's trying to play for the national championship and one one just trying to become bowl eligible. College Gameday will be there and my Facebook friends feed is full of folks rooting one way or another. Obviously as an alum, I'd like to see the Ducks win, but I'll be honest in that this game looming on the schedule always worried me when the Ducks started winning all their games.

But my rant is not about this weekend, as we all know who I'm rooting for, it's about every other weekend of the year when the Ducks and Beavers aren't playing each other. I root for all the schools in this state -- whether it's OSU, UO, PSU, UP, WOU, EOU, SOU, George Fox, Willamette, Concordia, etc...whatever -- unless they're playing the Ducks, and then I root for the Ducks. Beaver fans, however, want to see the Ducks fail miserably whenever possible and will root for anybody who's playing the Ducks. I've watched a few Duck football games with Beaver fans, and they were rooting for the opposition the entire time. When I watch a Beaver game, I root for the Beavers. Beaver fans apparently are incapable of rooting for anybody other than the Beavers, and certainly don't want to see any team in Oregon succeed other than the Beavers. As a true Oregonian (yes, those are fighting words), I'd be excited if the Ducks and Beavers were both undefeated and this was for all the marbles.

OK, rant mode off. Go Ducks!

Posted by Jake on 12/02/10 @ 11:56 AM
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