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Big Ol' Multi-Family Garage Sale Tomorrow

I'm working with my bro/sis-in-law to clean both of our houses of all of our old (but still in great shape) kid stuff. We have a ton of stuff that our kids all gently used, but have long since out-grown or quit playing with. Joggers, bike trailers, bikes, strollers, toys, clothes, pet supplies, and a whole ton of other stuff.

The sale's in Elkhorn Estates here in Bend. E-mail or comment below and I'll e-mail you the address. Sale starts at 8 on Saturday, 8/8, will last until whenever we feel like quitting.

Update after sale: Sold off quite a few things and walked off with a couple hundred bucks to pay bills with. Still have the baby stroller/trailer (it's one of these) as the person who said they were going to come back and pay for it never did. We'd like $80 for it, if anybody's interested (it's in impeccable shape, has all the parts and instructions). We also have a guinea pig cage (basically new -- will probably go to the Humane Society if nobody wants it), Ikea leaf canopy, a bunch of kids stuff left (lots of Playdoh stuff), and a bunch of other great shape toys that will probably go on craiglist here sometime (unless somebody here wants anything). We pretty much gave away all the clothes by the end of the sale, so there's none of that left.

Posted by Jake on 08/07/09 @ 11:05 AM
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