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BendBlogs.com Feed Fixed (Finally)

OK, after playing with it off and on over the last couple days, I've finally gotten the BendBlogs.com syndication feed totally fixed. In the process, I've setup the main RSS feed for the site to go through FeedBurner. While the old URL will still work (for the future, at least), I've setup a new URL for the RSS feed so I can (if need be) change back-end platforms and not have to have a new RSS feed URL.

The new RSS URL for BendBlogs.com is http://feeds.bendblogs.com/bendblogs. I'm still working on getting the autodiscovery tags setup properly on the site as well as the redirection code so that everybody will be using that URL, but here it is in the meanwhile.

I've also setup a few ways you can show local blog content on your web site, if you'd like. There is more information on all that on Bend Blog's new syndication page. So if you'd like, you can have a simple little headline ticker like so:

Latest From BendBlogs.com

(I am working on tweaking those a bit -- suggestions welcome.)

I'll be setting up a daily e-mail, too (powered by FeedBurner) that will send daily headlines via e-mail, if you so desire.

Posted by Jake on 01/28/08 @ 05:26 PM
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