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Whose Fault Is This?

Since BendCableBroadband is charging the same for their digital cable service as they are for their analog service, we decided to take the plunge and upgrade. They came by yesterday and set it all up. The problem? None of the channels numbers are the same, which I knew going in. The bigger problem? The various TV listings web sites all seem to be using the old Bend Cable channel lineup for their listings. xThe only one I could find that used the right assignments was Zap2It, which isn't nearly as intuitive of a site to use as all the other sites (and Couchville's shutting down, anyway, which is sad). The channels are all listed, but the numbers are all wrong, and I'm too dang lazy to cross reference stuff every time.

So is BendBroadband supposed to supply this channel lineup info to these companies or is this some sort of automatic datafeed that they just are ignoring? I don't know how any of this works, but I'd much rather use Yahoo!'s TV listings or TVTitan to look for shows as the on-screen guide is slow and shows a ton of channels we just don't get (and with most listing services we can hide channels that we don't even care to ever watch).

Posted by Jake on 01/23/08 @ 10:13 PM
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