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Just a few geek links that need to be bookmarked for my future reference.

  • The Trouble With PDFs. Interesting article, though I'd have to say that a few of the biggest reasons that folks (me included) still use PDF is that it's very easy to maintain page and print layout with a PDF, very easy to embed fonts with a PDF, easy to secure copying with a PDF, easy to embed high-res imagry in a PDF, among other things that are just not as easy to do in an HTML editor or on a Web page. Just because it can be done in HTML doesn't always mean it should, especially if I'm emailing something to someone who I know doesn't have a newer browser but I wan the layout and print out to be maintained. I can create a fully functional PDF in just about any program with CutePDF, but if I use the program's built-in functions to export to HTML, the output leaves quite a bit to be desired.
  • Are you an expert user trying to get around in Vista? Vista4Experts turns off the annoying crap that is built in for computer novices.
  • Selecting text vertically in MS Word. Boy am I stupidly glad to have seen this, as I was just needing this the other day and was sick of pasting back and forth between a text editor that can do this and MS Word.
  • Integrating Gmail and Google Calendar with the Enhance Gmail Greasemonkey script. Now if this would just get added into the Better Gmail Firefox extension, I wouldn't have to install Greasemonkey to do it.
  • If you need a great way to better your typing skills, try this great little Flash game -- I was up to about averaging 65 words per minute (got 85 on one) before I had to get back to work. Though I just tried it again and only averaged 50 words per minute.

Posted by Jake on 01/06/08 @ 05:09 PM
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