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Did MySpace Kill Their Blog RSS Feeds?

Like it or not, we have a bunch of bloggers locally who are using MySpace for their blogs. Just look for the MySpace icons over at BendBlogs.com. The problem is that every single one of the RSS feeds for those MySpace blogs are now dead. I'm getting 404 errors for every single one of them that I have indexed on BendBlogs.com.

I have automated Google searches that help me find new blogs to add to the site, and it found this one. When I tried to add it to Bend Blogs, it gave me an error saying that the RSS feed couldn't be found. So I looked at the source code for the page, looked at the auto-discovery tag and got this URL. It doesn't resolve, and I get this 404 page:


That was the entire contents of the page. And it's been like this for a couple weeks now.

Anybody know something I don't? Since I don't follow MySpace news (don't really care to), I don't know if this was publically announced or not. If indeed MySpace blogs no longer have RSS feeds for their blogs, look for them to disappear from Bend Blogs (which everybody will probably be happy about).

Posted by Jake on 07/09/07 @ 09:53 AM
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