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Does This Seem Weird To Anybody Else?

So the FBI raided a local man's home and business after he allegedly sent sexually explicit photos of himself to someone posing online as a 13-year-old girl. The thing is, he hasn't actually been charged with anything. But they decided to announce it to the world anyway.

Now I'm not even remotely condoning what this guy allegedly did, I don't know him, nor have any interest in this at all. But does the FBI really feel the need to completely bury the guy's reputation and business before they've actually filed charges? I would expect this kind of public announcement after charges have been filed, but it seems odd to me that they're doing this without formal charges. What if all this turns out to be false and no charge is ever made? From the KTVZ.com story:

Steele acknowledged Thursday to KTVZ.com that the public announcement, without an arrest, "is fairly unusual, but because there is a concern that he worked with children, they wanted to get the information out as soon as possible."
I can understand that, but wouldn't it have just been easier to just subpoena his customer records from his Martial Arts Center and talk to the families before we jump to any conclusions and make a big public announcement?

Just my two cents, but maybe I'm just missing something here.

Posted by Jake on 11/30/06 @ 10:43 AM
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