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Anybody Know Who This Is? (Updated)

Editor's Note: I've removed all the links to information about this girl and most of my original post, and will be closing off my BendForum's thread about this. The father has called my house because apparently people are calling him and harrassing him and his family. That was not something I would ever encourage, folks.

The girl is OK. This was basically a cry for attention from the girl. The dad had commented below saying this was a cry for attention. I'd recommend the folks who have looked up her phone information quit calling her -- you'll just be feeding her drive for attention, and from what the Dad says, it's not going to help anyway. Hopefully the girl will get help and actually take advantage of the help offered instead of just brushing it off. But harrassing her and her family isn't going to help matters. So cool it.

My original reason for posting this entry was to make sure that a life wasn't taken. For better or for worse, there is somebody in some deep pain, and I never like to see people suffer. But if a life can be saved, then all the better.

Comments are now closed and removed on this entry. If you want to continue the discussion on parenting, you're welcome to go over to Bend Forums and discuss things there, but I will remove comments that refer to this mess.

Posted by Jake on 07/20/06 @ 09:25 AM
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