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Sorry KBND, But You've Lost A Listener

You know, I was OK with the fact that KBND -- Bend's only decent local radio news source -- had seven hours of conservative talk radio on during the week days (between Rush, Lars, and Bill) because I generally wasn't listening to it anyway as I was at work. I was even OK when they replaced the CBS radio news and replaced it with FOX news. I was still OK when they mixed up the content and syndicated bites they had interspersed in their news hours.

However, I quite enjoyed listening to Clark Howard on my drive home from Sunriver. And he's been taken off the air during the week and replaced by another conservative talk show host, Sean Hannity. So that basically means from 6AM to Midnight (an 18 hour time span), half of that is taken up by conservative talk show hosts, according to their on air schedule.

And unfortunately, my car stereo and its antenna suck, so I can't get KRDM (whose site is down) out of Redmond, which would at least get me a little balance in political commentary.

Now don't get me wrong -- I'm not a right winger, but I'm certainly not a left-winger, either. I'm a moderate in every sense of the word, and I agree a bit with both sides on different issues, so I'd like to hear from both sides of the issues -- you don't generally get that with those talk show hosts, and I listened to Clark Howard because he avoids politics and shows us how we can save a bunch of money. Now that's always a good thing, right?

So other than the bit of news I'll listen to on the drive home at the end of the afternoon news hour, I'll be turning it back to ESPN 940 or NPR.

Posted by Jake on 04/26/06 @ 11:24 AM
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