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What Firefox Extensions Are You Using?

I finally got around to upgrading my Firefox setup to version 1.5. Why did I do this? Because I tried just doing the quick-and-dirty upgrade to the 1.0 version of the Web Developer Extension and it totally hosed my 1.0.7 install (I need to read directions, I know).

But I figured this was a good a chance as any to just bulldoze my profile and start from scratch with 1.5 (which is the recommended course according to many forum threads I've seen over here, versus trying to upgrade on top of the old version).

It was also a chance for me to download and install all new versions of all my extensions, and thought I'd post what I've installed here for everybody else to peruse (and so I don't have to look them all up again), and I encourage folks to comment here and let me know what they're running so I can see if there's any other cool little extensions I might be missing (and for anybody who cares, I use the Smoke theme, after using the Noia Lite theme in 1.0.7).

Also of note, I probably will install Greasemonkey at some point as there are a pile of great scripts for it, but I'm going to hold off for now.

So what is everybody else using?

Posted by Jake on 01/08/06 @ 04:02 PM
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Ken Edwards said on 01/08/06 @ 05:22 PM:
GMail Toolbar for Firefox
Gmail Manager
Tabbrowser Preferences
Web Developer
PDF Download
Wizz RSS News Reader
Tab X

Although I am finding more and more that are quite useful. I just myself upgraded to 1.5 and wow is it a lot faster.

Jake said on 01/08/06 @ 05:41 PM:
Tab X looks handy. I used to have a tab-related extension back in the day that provided that features, but that was a long time ago. Thanks, Ken!

Jo-Anne said on 01/09/06 @ 03:53 AM:
I too am using Firefox 1.5
theme I use is Silver Skin
..my gals use Aquatint

I use adblocker, of course the Download Embedded (found that here a bit ago reading your blog thanks Jake), tabbrowser preferences...

I have others but I see some are mentioned...

here is a page on "Firefox Best"

and there's a bit of blogtalk ( I am in no way promoting any blog) this is some good info on Firefox 1.5 troubles and workabouts..because they are on the rise...

"Solutions to common Firefox problems"

I WAS doing the nightlies myself-what can I say I lived on the edge for a bit..but since this heads up I think I will wait a bit... you might want to post this one

*Makes note to smack Jake in the head like my guy on CSI does...for not reading about a clean uninstall- kidding Jake..just Kidding!*

Ken Edwards said on 01/09/06 @ 04:08 AM:
It is the small extensions that make the app that much better. Hell, on my PC I have Firefox looking and acting almost entirely like Safari :P Tab X is one of those Safari features I really like.

John Sturgeon said on 01/09/06 @ 07:13 AM:
I'd have to second:
Tab X
Session Saver
Web Developer

And I'll mix in a few:
Save Link In Folder
Resize Search Box

There are a few other things that I love like adding live bookmarks for my personal Del.icio.us feeds creating a psuedo bookmark manager.

I think another great list to start would be 'What web (2.0 or not) applications do you actually use'.

My list would include:

Jake said on 01/09/06 @ 09:45 AM:
JoAnne: Thanks for the kudos and the articles!

Ken: I'm actualy getting rid of the Tab X -- at least for now. Why? Because if I have a ton of windows open (which I'll frequently do) the close buttons are too easy to click on in my browser because the tabs are really narrow on a 1024x768 resolution laptop screen. I just so used to hitting Ctrl-W anyway, so that'll work for now until I get my next laptop (which will hopefully be coming soon).

John: Good suggustions (been looking at Session Saver). As for the Web 2.0 applications, I only use gmail of that list, and I still actually just use the POP access to download it into Outlook. I haven't really gotten into the whole Web 2.0 thing, but thanks for the apps so I can look into them.

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