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Stuck In Utter Chaos Mode

Warning: this will be one of those entries that will totally fit the "Utterly Boring" title of this site. I apologize in advance.

This day has been utter chaos. Minus the few minutes of peace and quiet when I grabbed a bite to eat with Simone earlier today, this day has been a mess.

We're doing a bunch of year-end closing stuff with all our accounting stuff, and we had some problems with running the year end reports and the payroll that is supposed to be run this week for the first pay period of the year. It was giving our accountant upstairs some really ugly errors. So I hit the company's knowledge base, the solution is to rebuild the appropriate payroll database tables. So I do that on the payroll tables, thinking it's a payroll problem. Try it again, still giving the same error. Go back, and just rebuild everything. Notice I'm getting an error in one of the general ledger tables. So I open up the raw table, don't notice anything weird, but for the life of me can not get in and run payroll, getting the same error.

I spend a good chunk of the day trying to rebuild these things so we wouldn't have to reinput the last couple days worth of transactions. So I finally bucked up and called the company, paying for the privilege to talk to them, and got the answer that I didn't want to hear: "You need to recover from backup." And of course, the last two days worth of backups had the same corrupt table, so I had to recover from the last known good, which was done on Monday night. I told him that I didn't want to pay for the call as he couldn't help me, he said that was far and didn't count it towards our support agreement and he said that was fair

So reimported the whole mess, reclosed off the year so we could run payroll, and finally got things working again. What a frickin' mess -- it's just totally consumed my whole day and kept me from writing the proposal to my boss to redo this site (more on that some other time).

Anywho, normal blogging to resume when I catch my breath after that mess. It was my daughter's sixth birthday yesterday, that's my excuse for not getting online yesterday (I played hooky, and stayed home, took her out to lunch, and had a grand old time).

Posted by Jake on 01/04/06 @ 05:25 PM
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