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Well That Sucks

I busted my butt this evening to get some things done around the house so I could get some links posted tonight. I went through all my RSS feeds during my lunch break at work, so I had lots of good links. So I get home this evening, I sit down to hook up my laptop and discover I left my AC adapter in Sunriver. While that wouldn't be a problem for most people who own laptops (considering they're built to run off batteries) it is for me as my battery connection is shot and I haven't had a chance to RMA the thing to get it repaired.

And since I haven't had a chance to setup the online sychronization in FeedDemon yet, I'm pretty much out of luck here.

So (hopefully) links coming tomorrow, assuming I don't take a bat to my laptop.

(Oh, and I know my e-mail contact form on this page is broken, giving ugly PHP errors. I'll fix that tomorrow as well, as I'm on my wife's computer right now, and doing PHP work is tricky on this system. Notepad just isn't that clean and easy for me as I'm not a PHP whiz like some people and need my editor's color coding. Update on 10/17: E-mail form fixed.)

Posted by Jake on 10/16/05 @ 10:12 PM
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