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I Now Have More IM Handles

Everybody and their dog is talking about the new Google Talk instant messaging and VoIP service. You can download Google's client here, but if you're a Trillian Pro user, as I am, you can just use Trillian Pro to connect to the network as they use the open source Jabber protocol (though you can't use Trillian Pro to use their VoIP server, though I'm sure somebody will find a hack for that).

So if you're interested in playing with it, and I'm not stupidly busy (don't expect in-depth chatting here), you can find me at utterlyboring [at] gmail [dot] com on the jabber/GoogleTalk network. So that brings the number of connections I'm managing in Trillian Pro up to 9: One ICQ account, one AIM account, a Yahoo! Messenger account, two MSN messenger accounts (long story there), and three Jabber accounts (two Google Talk, and one Jabber.org). Now I just need to find a good IRC channel to hang out in and I'll have double digits (I'm not counting my Rendezvous connection as I don't know anybody who uses it).

Posted by Jake on 08/24/05 @ 10:55 AM
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