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Biking And Alcohol Don't Mix

Had quite the shock when I was driving home today. I exit the parkway daily at Revere and Division. As I coming around the corner, about to cross the railroad tracks, there was a man and his bike laying on the road in front of me. The guy wasn't moving. I stopped my car, immediately threw on my hazard lights, and went down to see what was wrong. He was a man in about his forties, and his head was cut up pretty bad in the front and in the back. I called 911, told dispatch where we were at, and a couple of other folks driving by helped divert traffic a bit at the busy intersection (it was about 7:30 at the time -- I can only imagine if this were at 5:00).

I went down closer to the man to make sure the cuts weren't life threatening, and made sure that nobody made the attempt to move him. I had no idea how he got there and I've taken enough first-aid classes to know better than to move him. Heck, it could've been a hit-and-run for all I knew. But as I got closer, it looked like the bleeding wasn't anything major (nothing that needed me to try to put a stop to it), so somebody in another car just got the guy a pillow for his neck (against my better wishes) and we waited, talking to him to make sure he was all right.

As I got closer to the guy, asked him a few questions, I realized what had happened: the guy was drunk. Other cars said they didn't see anybody hit the guy, they just saw him fall off the curb. Regardless, 911 was called, ambulance and police showed up, they did take him to SCMC as he was banged up pretty dang good and I'm sure they want to test his blood-alcohol level. I'm sure he's fine, but he did smell of something fowl.

But there you guy, ladies and gentlemen: A textbook BUI, or "Biking Under The Influence."

Posted by Jake on 08/07/05 @ 11:32 PM
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