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Lots of Local Clicks

Just for kicks, I looked through some of the totally meaningless click totals on some of the posts from some of the local bloggers over on ORblogs, and I think it's official: Jon has by far the most clicks on a single post with 65 clicks (as of this writing) on his post about the local Donald Trump urban legend. That topic also garnered Shannon 11 clicks on a related post. The most I've ever done was 30 clicks on a post entitled "Don't Have Sex With The Babysitter" which goes to show you what people will click on over there. For other locals, it looks like Grumpy Forester had a 20-click post, Jon got 14 on his brew site, and Chris got 11 on one of his.

I also looked at the overall post click total for each of our sites, and it looks like the top-five rounds up like so:

  1. UtterlyBoring.com: 3,362
  2. Jon (Combined between his two sites): 873
  3. Chris: 301
  4. Grumpy: 229
  5. Shannon: 190
Now, if you think I have a lot, realize I have nothing on Jack Bog whose sitting at 4,428 post clicks. I have no idea if he has the most post clicks on there (I'm sure you know, Paul), but he certainly has to be pretty close to the top.

On a semi-related note, I added several more blogs and journals to BendBlogs today and plan on updating the site to a updated version of the software and some point, and hopefully hacking together an RSS feed for the thing. We'll see how it goes and how much time allows (in other words, don't hold your breath). I do need to clean out some dead links, but that's another project for down the road.

Posted by Jake on 08/01/05 @ 11:51 PM
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