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Been meaning to post a link here about this, but will get around to it now, especially since Jon beat me to it (he points out a great headline on their site: "League Of Women Voters against Toxic Discharge"). Bend.com has debuted a new site design that looks about 1000 times better than it did before. The site design is still in its infancy with their home-grown CMS as it still has some issues like some oddball SQL and link bugs I found around the site. I'm sure are being worked out, however (they've already squashed one bug I ran into yesterday with story links not working).

But a good design is useless without good content. Since Barney's departure, the content there -- other than the professionally-written press releases that were mostly written by large PR firms -- has been less than stellar.


When you first see the tall, lithe figure stride into the Sunrise Lodge at Mt. Bachelor; long blonde hair flowing and dark glasses on her high sculptured cheekbones, you might think there just may be a model shoot or maybe even a movie being shot up at the mountain.
Boy, does that read like a teeny-bopper magazine to anybody else?

How about this one -- a nice hard news story about a meth bust:

There had been evidence that he was selling methamphetamine fast and furiously.
This is from (yes, a bad headline) "Another one bites the meth dust." I'm sure "fast and furiously" wasn't on the official press release from the police department. That's the kind of story you just stick to the facts, and don't sugar coat it.

I'm sure the content will only get better as these kinds of things are said, but Barney, let me be one to say that we miss you! Hurry up and get the Z21 site up and running.

Posted by Jake on 03/08/05 @ 05:27 PM
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