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Backed Up

Backed up at work, backed up at play, backed up with a pile of personal projects. I'll post more details later when I'm remotely ready to release some of them to the public -- at least a couple are getting close to public beta status. I'm just backed up, despite having a bunch of wonderful links to post (sometimes I wish this site had a few other authors so it didn't sit empty, but I digress).

And it's just such a frickin' nice day outside, it's hard to be motivated to accomplish anything.

Blogging sporadic over the next few days. Maybe I'll get a few links posted, maybe I won't -- we'll just have to see (as tomorrow will be a busy day, too). I just need another 10 hours in the day and need to be able to train myself to not need sleep, and life would be good.

Posted by Jake on 01/20/05 @ 03:00 PM
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Link dump from Zepfanman Blog on 01/21/05 @ 08:33 AM:
I need a better way to keep up with quick links and tidbits of info around the web. Here is a dump of a bunch I've found in the past month. (Read More)

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