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Anybody Want A Gameboy Advance SP?

I've got a Red Gameboy Advance SP with "Scooby Doo Mystery Mahem" as well as an Intec Wing Grip (looks like this thing). The case is scuffed up, but everything on there works and functions fine. I don't have the AC Adapter/charger for it, but it powers up and runs fine, it appears. Backlight works. I really don't know what else to test on it, as I'm not a GBA whiz, but e-mail me if you have specific questions.

I'm not looking to sell this. If I get your cash, I'll spend it foolishly. I'm looking to trade it for one or more of these things:

-512 MEG PC2100 (or better) SO-DIMM.
-An AIW (All in Wonder) Radeon or better AIW card (if I get one of these, I have a AIW Rage 128 that I'll get rid of)
-A PDA -- I just need something basic, but wouldn't argue with something fancy ;-).
-Something interesting (just e-mail me, and I'll see).

I'm getting some parts from an old computer so I might have some other stuff to play with. I'll post here if I get anything useful.

E-mail or comment here if you have what I need.

Update on 7/19: I've posted pics here.

Update on 11/20: GameBoy is LONG gone. Sorry I didn't update this a while ago.

Posted by Jake on 07/18/04 @ 09:23 PM
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