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Jack's Taking A Break

My bet is he will stage a comeback -- I don't know what kind of comeback, but only something intelligent and insightful, as he always has been -- but Jack Bogdanski is calling it quits. There was even a feature in today's Oregonian about it. Jack mentioned this site as a daily read, for which I am flattered, and if anybody is coming here because of the article, welcome!

Jack, you will be missed. Even if you don't blog yourself, share your comments on the news on the rest of our sites. I know you don't comment here much because it's not a Portland blog (because I don't mention you or Portland directly or because my content is absolute crap -- either way seems reasonable), I do expect to see your name in the comments of the Portland area blogs.

Posted by Jake on 07/06/04 @ 03:38 PM
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