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$3100 and some change

Just got my bill for my stay in the hospital (all three hours of it) and it's a bit over $3100. That included rental of the space, all the various drugs I got while I was there, rental of the recovery room (and hour of time for $300 -- and the would've kept me longer if I wasn't like "I'm fine, get me the hell out of here."), etc... . That didn't include the anesthesiologist (which I'm still waiting on a bill for) or the surgeon (which I don't have to pay for). I still have to pay off my MRI (about $1000), and I know the anesthesiologist won't be cheap (probably a $1000). So I still have $5000 of medical bills or so (could be worse -- if I had to pay for the surgeon and post-surgery care at the specialist's office, it'd be over $10,000).

Donations still being accepted :-). Hopefully I'll get back some money in taxes this year (and I should), so that'll kill off about 25% of it (crossing fingers as I got a good refund last year), and I'm playing the "transfer balances between zero interest credit cards" game to avoid paying interest on it so I won't be paying double in the long run.

Posted by Jake on 01/10/04 @ 09:33 PM
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