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These are sad times

You know, I get really annoyed and saddened to see good friends of mine get screwed, get pay cuts, etc... . I won't mention company names here, because I don't want to see my good friends get screwed. Recently, some former co-workers and some good friends of mine (from a few companies) confided in me the situations they're going through at their respective companies. In one instance, the CEO of the company owes several employees thousands of dollars, won't pay up, but keeps promising the money is coming. To those people (and you know who are): file a wage claim or take a class-action lawsuit. The CEO you're dealing with is a man who will do everything in his power to screw you. Those who are still left with the company, get out while you still can. Those who managed to get out and find other work, consider yourself blessed.

The other instance, the once large, energetic staff that was trying to compete with a large, stable, organization, is laying off folks, running a skeleton staff, and the staff that's left is taking pay cuts just to see the company survive. It's sad when this has to happen, especially when you have mouths to feed.

To all of you, I wish you good luck, and I'm just really glad I'm not jobless -- it sucks, I've been there.

Posted by Jake on 10/07/03 @ 11:51 PM
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