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Ok, aside from the fact that my pre-order copy didn't come Friday (UPS blames Lucasarts for not shipping it out til Thursday...but then why does UPS tracking info begin Wednesday??)

Anyhow, I went to Best Buy and got it there, so I'll be selling my spare copy.

Now, on to the game!!

Here's the stats -
Hours played since Friday at 4pm: about 25hrs
Hours slept since Friday: about 15
Patches for game since Thursday (release day): 4 or 5 (ranging from 3 meg to 60 meg)
Times my wife has rolled her eyes at my gaming intensity: oh crap...my wife...so that's who that is!!

The game is real fun. I'd have to say that it's already as stable as Shadowbane, with a lot less noticeable lag. The number of bugs is about the same, maybe a few more in SWG, but it just released rather hastily...and Shadowbane has been out for 3 months.

50k screenshot...the graphics do get better...I have the 'required' GeForce 2 (Asus onboard video)....but my 9500 Radeon gets here July 2nd. My framerate right now never peaks above 13 fps, and it can get choppy in town.

Posted by Jake on 06/30/03 @ 12:03 PM
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