How Oregon Are You?

I scored 85%. How Oregon Are You?

And after you’re all done feeling smart, take this gigantic version here, much of which is Portland-related, but still a fun trip down memory lane.

Thanks to the ORBlogs weekly for the tip.


dartagnan says:

Who the hell is/was Ramblin’ Rod?

Mrs H says:

ummm i’m 92%

Redmond-ite says:

100% native Oregonian… can’t believe a quiz actually got something right 🙂

Jake says:

You obviously haven’t lived here long enough, dartagnan. Even *I* knew who he was, because KPTV was, for the longest time, the only Portland-based station we got over the antenna in Bend.

Burton says:

Only 89%, but still… SUCK IT, ORTY! 🙂

Jen says:

100% … do I win something? 🙂

80%?! OMG. Do I have to move?

90%…Must have been that John Day one.

Wait, Ramblin Rod??!?! I didn’t get that question…Dude, swear to god, I was a smile winner. I swear it!!!
That should be extra credit.
Anyone remember Kite Man? “What about frogs?” Come on, say it!

Live on the Fly Studio says:

100%, baby! I didn’t get the Ramblin’ Rod question (which I would have NAILED) and I expected a Rajneesh question, but let me throw this name at ya: Rusty Nails. Anyone? Bueller?

Jen says:

BOR: I like frogs!

Cheryl Howard says:

Speaking of Kite Man, does anyone have the video of that commercial? I had a freind ask for it a couple of months ago, but I couldn’t find it.

Brad says:

There was no Rambling Rod on mine. I got 99%. How’d I miss 1%????

Keith says:

I got a 99% and I’m grew up in Missouri!

dartagnan says:

“You obviously haven’t lived here long enough, dartagnan. ”
Twenty-one years. That’s MORE than long enough for me.