That’s One Killer Christmas Light Display

Be sure to have your sound turned up for full effect. I’m sure his neighbors love it.

“>here as the original link he sent me is down).

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greg says:

Jake, the original link is back up. Sort of…

Josh Ausborne says:

Very cool.

Cheryl Howard says:

Oh thats very cool!

Greg says:

The song is “Wizards in Winter” from The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, just incase anyone didn’t know.

Mark Turner says:

That is very very cool *gets ideas* *grin*

klaus says:

of course, it is the trans-sibirian orchestra – sounds like that ;-)) very cool stuff. greetings from germany, klaus

mark says:

cool!!! i wish i had this, my neighbours would ‘love’ it ;))

Katie says:

HAHA I love this thing! The music is awesome..though the scary house eyes and music sound more like a horror movie!! LOVE IT!

Squirly says:

Friggin Awesome! Wish I could do that on my house! You’re really talanted! Happy Holidays from squirrel country!

Squirly says:

Talented… not talanted! Duhhhh!

Linuex says:

Can view it, what about mpg1,2 or 4 video?

Tracie says:

I found out this is a house in Marshfield, Wisconsin. I have attached the link to the article about it. It’s from Christmas 2004.

GT says:

Que lo pario!!!!

Pat says:

Actually the house is in Mason, Ohio (near Cincinnati). You can read about it on – they have an audio link for a radio interview the owner did for a station in Delaware. I actually checked out the display for myself last Sunday – very nicely done. The music is broadcast over FM radio so at least the neighbors don’t have to hear the music constantly.

Snoe says:

What a great use of electricity and money.

Adenike (from Bermuda) says:

this is awesome

Kato says:

Its Katie back again- I CANT STOP LISTENING TO THIS lol.

Jackie says:

I wouldn’t want to live across the street. but the work is fantastic……….

Dawn says:

Anyone who thinks this is scary, doesn’t know TSO. THIS guy KNOWS TSO!! YOU ROCK!!!

Rube says:

doesn’t work on mac either 🙁

Susanna says:

This is truly original ; great choice of music!
What does the owner do for a living??

Peter S. says:

Thank you for polluting the environment by extensive use of electricity.

jessica says:

That is just too much.. ok I’m impressed.

Welcome Readers

This site was inaccessible this morning for a bit. Why? Because it was getting killed by traffic from this link. I don’t speak German, so I have no idea what…

subotnik says:

uuhhhh !!!

Vader[me] says:

Hi Jake,
maybe you should write to patalong )at( spiegel )dot( de .
He is the author of the article that brought down your server and I’m sure his English is better than your German 😉 so just tell him what he did.
greetings from Germany

Jake says:

THanks, Vader, I e-mailed him.

tanus says:

Great site!
Wish you a merry christmas ;- )

Rex Imperator says:

Brillant, i will have it or my party

WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! that’s really off the good ol’ earthquake scale…
Hi – I am an American from Michigan living in Nidderau Eichen Germany – the Germans think I’m off my rocker with my crazy lights – thank you so much for proving anything that I attempt to do with my lights is definetly an understatement here ! 🙂
Greetings to all fellow crazy christmas nuts ! ! !

mit musik möglichst laut spielen.
viel spaß

J. Brandt says:

THIS IS MY HOUSE ! How dare you use it without my permission.

John from Da Bronx says:

This is So Kool! I can’t stop watchin’ it! My kids say “Knock it off, Dad!!!” I’ll never look a house with a nice lite display without thinkin’ Get dem lites Dancin’! 3 Hips an’a Hooray for the house owner!

MicroGlobe says:

Wonderful! Made my day. I keep playing it all afternoon. I’m thinking of joining forces with a neighbour and starting one of those myself. “Bohemian Rhapsody” might come in handy.

CTKs Blog says:

Weihnachtsbeleuchtung mal anders oder Pimp my XMAS

Ich will gar nicht zu viele worte über dieses grandiose Netzfundstück verlieren.
Einfach anschauen, Ton laut aufdrehen und staunen!

Henrik says:

I’d rather call this “That’s One To Be Killed Christmas Light Display”.
I’m truly sorry for their neighbors.

Bjoern Kubach says:

Hey Guy,
great show! It’s amazing. Wish someone could do this in my garden.
Greetings from Germany

dot says:


Napsty says:

i wouldnt spend christmas time in front of my christmas tree anymore, i’d sit down in front of this house! lol

Maggie says:

oh, I’m very impressed. It should be more houses like that. It sounds great:D

denise n says:

who finds the time to do this?!?!?!?!

nick says:

thats just to cool my uncle and i love them

Sabrina says:

Hi everyone!
I saw the video an I can�t stop laughing!
Fucking shit it�s very hot!!:-)
Greetings to everyone from Germany
Wish you a merry christmas!

raewyn & Gary says:

From Australia – where our Xmases are hot, hot, hot. What a great display. We all do our houses over here with Xmas lights – BUT NOTHING LIKE THAT!!! cHEERS

Grandma C. says:

Interesting. Pat passed it on to me. Beats Shilo Inn!

Danno says:

Well done, it;s nice to see people get into the Christmas spirit. Peter S., don’t be such a scrooge, take a pill.

steffiz says:

This house is so coool, I wish I could have the same lights and the music – wonderful… I showed this page all my people around me (that are a lot)… Even next year you could do this again, maybe you will find a house like that again…
I also want to say “Hello” to my English-teacher Mr. B.K.: Hello! I have send this page to him … he just laughed…

rachel says:

that is awsome :]

Susanne says:

When I see this crazy house, I hope Santa has got good sunglasses.
Many thanks and a little bit darker X-mas
with greetings from Germany

Tara says:

I really like it is really awsome

priscilla says:

this is fantastic. i wish we could see it in person. good job

jerry says:

you copied me with that you jerk, to bad mine is better

greg says:

FYI, the guy had to shut it down due to traffic on his street.

Robert says:

inspiring implementation of music & technic

Jamie says:

I was told that this was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. is that true and I was also told that this was shut down and could no longer be veiwed in person. me and my co-workers really want to come and see this in person could youtell us where and when and all I have to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS i can’t wait till next yr!!!!!

melanie says:

wow. xmas lights, fun humor, n music. u should turn this into a business u know:P
its great!

gene says:

fantastic job

Michael says:

Nothing like this in Florida…Awesome

ELM says:

Absolutly unreal… real or not…. I thoroughly enjoyed the video!

TobyU says:

I love it!! I laugh at all the negative people that want to piss and moan about it and say “poor neighbors”.
Sorry about your luck. Damn it this is America and screw you if you don’t like what the man does on his property….YES I SAID HIS PROPERTY.
Sorry but you don’t have the right to darkness at night….bill of right says nothing about that!

Mary says:

This owner needs to be discovered!! This ROCKS!!!

Pimp my X-Mas.

I guess you all know the show by MTV ‘Pimp my ride’ – but I’m pretty sure you don’t know this one: Pimp my X-Mas. Let a video talk…

leonie says:

gosh, poor neighbourhood. but the electric power company will have a very big smile in their face. silent night, holy night. well, rather holy shit….

Bloodhound says:

omg 😀
here has somebody too much money 😀

steffiz says:

Bloodhound, you’re right, this is unbelievable…you sound like somebody I know…my teacher…am I right?

Tanya says:

Incredible, I wouldn’t mind living across from you. I wish more people put as much into Christmas as you. Thanks for the enjoyment. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

letitgrowo2 says:

this is fan flipping tabulous. i love it! merry holidays all!

Edd says:

is there a higher quality version somewhere of this? Thanks

That’s One Killer Christmas Light Display

Be sure to have your sound turned up for full effect. I’m sure his neighbors love it….

Melanie says:

Wowwwww!!! This is breathtaking.. I’ve seen the Transiberian Orchestra in concert when it came to my city… Very spectacular job!!!!! Merrry Christmas!!! Froliche Wienachten!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric says:

This is utterly fantastic …it was reported on the news in Australia. Also reported was the fact that the local powers-that-be (council/gov’t/local law) ordered that the sound show be discontinued due to “disturbing the peace”. Talk about the ‘Grinches who stole Christmas’ …sheesh. The person who put this show together ought get an award, not bureaucratical b-s ….
Keep the show alive ..f*ck the authorities! 🙂

christie says:


harry says:

It`s great idea to describe Xmas .
I`ve felt you something difference from
others since Echuca.You`ll make effort
to build it up. Thank you mate.

Munahhh ^^ says:

Bohaaaaaaa >_

cheryl in missouri says:

Oh my holy bright light, this light show was simply awesome, to say the least. This individual will go far with the talant they posess. Kudos. Can we look forward to next year??

tammy says:

the best!! florida has great lights not like this….more!!

Margaret Griffin says:

SO, now it’s a beer commercial?

Jake says:

Indeed it is — a Miller Lite commercial, if I’m not mistaken.

steffiz says:

Hello again! I watch this house again and again 😉 I can’t stop this…great, great…
until today I listen to this wonderful clip…
perhaps the next ten years 😀 … we will see…

tammy says:

This is hypnotic..I play it once a month and still sounds great…LOVE IT!!!!!!!! WHAT COMES CHRISTMAS 2006:)

Pimp my X-Mas.

I guess you all know the show by MTV ‘Pimp my ride’ – but I’m pretty sure you don’t know this one: Pimp my X-Mas. Let a video talk: (The Original Website is, but since th…

GinGin says:

Hmh..I can’t see this video.

Jake says:

GinGin: Because a couple of the mirrors I was using that were hosting this video have gone done. That’s since been fixed, so reload the page.

Mandi says:

I can’t wait to go see these guys…they’re coming to concert dec. 10…im so excited! oh and the light show is pretty dern spiffy!

bif says:

wow!! that is just plain weird wiy would enybody do that i mean dosent this guy know what a big bill hese going to get . And well dident he think about the peopol around him . Im sher there thriled wohoo!! but Pretty you know its kinda cool.

bob says:

woooo ya thats alwsom!!!! in a bright sorta way

pam says:

different for sure but not very christmas like-someone with so much talent surely could have come up with something more like the christmas we know and love

The Killer Christmas Light Guys Are Back

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darrell says:

Where is this house at i would love to go by and see it in person. I heard it is in Missouri and i live in St Charles Mo. can anybody help me on locating this wonderful Christmas light Display

steffiz says:

found! found!
it’s one year ago, when i’ve watched this clip at the first time.
and even today, i must laugh when i see it 😀

Stephan says:

Thats great! I love this video so much..
Greetz from germany

richard granville says:

amazing infact amazing well done !

The Return of The Killer Christmas Light Display

A couple years back, I posted a video that nearly blew up this server because of the bandwidth it used. It even caused me to have to move Web hosts…

Jeff says:

Check out some of the Christmas display lights these guys sell. Imagine the music with these: