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Looking for Prize Donations for the 2012 UtterlyBoring.com NCAA Pick 'em

It's almost that time again for our annual March Madness NCAA Tournament Pick 'em. I'm trying to get things organized a bit for this year's annual (our seventh year doing this -- see some past events here, here, here, here, and here) and am working on collecting prizes for the winners. Does anybody have anything would like to contribute or know anybody (or a business) who would like to donate a prize?

As usual, all prize submitters will get text link on the tourny page (which will be available at utterlyboring.com/pickem). I'll also be rotating 125x125 pixel ad banners for your company or blog or whatever during the duration of the tournament on utterlyboring,com, bendblogs.com, and hopefully on hackbend.com as well (we did last year, but still need to confirm with Jon), giving your business or site a good chunk of online exposure.

Anything can be submitted for a prize, as I'm pretty casual, as are the folks who participate in the tournament. If you have anything fun, weird, stupid, interesting, cool, whatever you want to throw into the prize pot, by all means let me know (comment here with your email address so I can contact you or e-mail me at utterlyboring {at} gmail {dot} com).

Posted by Jake on 02/08/12 @ 04:52 PM
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