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It's been years since I've done this, but it's time to check on the most-commented-on entries for this site over the years. Most of these were from way back in the day but are still indexed well in Google. The top two still get comments nearly every day for silly, totally un-related stuff. It's an always-entertaining trip down memory lane, back to the glory days of this site -- back when far fewer people had blogs and far more people commented on the blog itself instead of via Facebook or the like. I also had more time to dedicate to the site, which I don't have nearly as much now. This blog had some serious Google Juice back in the day, hence the high number of comments on some of these.

Because some of these really dated entries are listed so well on Google, I was able to get a few sponsored text links on the pages, which is always a bonus.

So without further ado, the 30 most commented-on entries on this site:
2255 comments: We All Hate Work (04/22/04)
1266 comments: Have a small penis? (09/30/03)
540 comments: Do Not Call List -- Red Hot, Big Loopholes (07/06/03)
403 comments: Another Great Gmail Hack (09/06/04)
402 comments: Panties Just For Men (01/13/05)
398 comments: Extreme Dodgeball (04/18/04)
390 comments: Do You Have Bright Green Poop? (11/24/03)
317 comments: Yet another reason to hate PETA (12/29/03)
302 comments: Only a band geek will appreciate this (03/13/03)
281 comments: Help pay for a girl's boob job (01/09/03)
258 comments: How to cancel an AOL account in 3 minutes (06/13/03)
146 comments: Are hyphenated Yahoo names that rare? (03/16/04)
142 comments: BendBroadband is Giving You More Speed... (03/21/08)
138 comments: Sick and Politically Incorrect Jokes (09/19/04)
119 comments: Sciatic nerve pinches hurt like hell - Update: It's more than just a nerve (07/09/03)
115 comments: Kurt Kobain a better guitarist than Jeff Beck and Carlos Santana? Not bloody likely! (09/08/03)
115 comments: Man gets jail for licking woman's feet in grocery store (08/27/03)
103 comments: Learn to throw cards like a ninja (07/01/03)
101 comments: That's One Killer Christmas Light Display (11/22/05)
99 comments: Smack the Penguin (03/10/04)
94 comments: Fun "Monkey Kick Off" Flash Game (03/18/07)
90 comments: Michael Jackson has never had plastic surgery (02/03/03)
89 comments: Another Reason to Hate AOL (06/24/04)
89 comments: Anybody Actually Using Clearwire? (12/14/05)
89 comments: Dateline to focus on Michael Jackson's face (01/19/03)
88 comments: What comes after trillion? (09/10/03)
76 comments: Man doubts his "World's Smartest Person" title (02/03/03)
73 comments: A 2,200 Acre Mushroom in Eastern Oregon (07/07/04)
62 comments: DHTML Lemmings (08/17/03)
58 comments: Why not drug test teachers? (04/18/03)

Posted by Jake on 01/30/12 @ 05:09 PM
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