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Why The Sudden Fascination and Uproar With Smart Phone Rootkits?

In case you hadn't heard the news (if you follow tech news at all, it'd be hard to miss), pretty much all the major providers use Carrier IQ software on their smart phones (it's even a part of iOS on the iPhones, just slightly less sinister and easier to turn off). What is Carrier IQ? It has the potential to track and monitor everything to do on your phone and send it to a third party. Class-action lawsuits are being threatened, and it's starting to really creep everybody out. There's an Android Market App to see if you have it on your phone and ways to disable it.

What I find hilarious about all this? Carrier IQ was discovered and disabled by Android hackers at least nine months ago. I know the ACS Syndicate folks released a Samsung Epic 4G ROM back in March with it removed and opened up their tools so others could use them. So obviously this is old news -- why the sudden uproar about it now? I've been rocking Carrier IQ-free (with SyndicateROM Frozen 1.2) for nearly a year now, and if you've been running CyanogenMod, so have you.

Moral of the story here? Root your phone. It's easy, and your phone will run happier because of it.

Posted by Jake on 12/02/11 @ 09:52 AM
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