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Day One Of The Sweet 16 Is Over

The first day of the Sweet 16 games is over, and while the top two spots in the 2011 Pick 'em haven't changed, I have a feeling they're going to fairly soon. Looking at the scores, "The Madness of March" (HeatherH), "The Dren Said So" (mike) and monkeyinabox.net (wackycat2) still hold the top three spots, but bojack made a pretty good jump in the standings. The real key here, too, is that all of bojack's Final Four teams are still alive, which can't be said about any of the folks above him. He still has the potential to score the most points, but things may change this weekend, as "TeamTopFlite" and "windy wandle" also have all four of their Final Four teams still alive, but they're slightly different than bojack.

Things are going to get really interested as the weekend plays on. Good luck!

Posted by Jake on 03/24/11 @ 10:52 PM
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