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The First Weekend Of The Pick 'em Is Over!

Yesterday "The Dren Said So" (mike) and "The Madness of March" (HeatherH) held the top two spots in the pick 'em, and they still do -- just the other way around. HeatherH is now in first, with mike now in second with monkeyinabox moving up to third. "Jen's a Loser" (Jen F) and "Oregon but not forgotten" (c trejbal) are tied for fourth with three more folks tied for fifth (include Josh at COA). I continue my awesomeness by going from 39th place to 37th.

The full spreadsheet is here. Next weekend's Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games are worth three and five points (respectively) so we should see things seperate a bit more next weekend.

Posted by Jake on 03/20/11 @ 11:16 PM
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