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A Foot Of Snow, Power Outages, and a Dead Router

What a day. A metric crapload of wet snow pummeled the area. All the Bend schools canceled classes, Redmond didn't cancel their schools, realized their mistake and my power was out for a couple hours this morning. It's a mess, and it took nearly two hours for me to get my driveway cleared because of all the moisture in the snow (worked on it during the power outage, since I couldn't work from home, like I planned). I didn't even attempt to make it out of my neighborhood, as my car is too low to the ground to even try with the thick snow (they don't plow my street). The power came off and on a couple times this morning, which I think caused a surge to go up one of my lines, as my always bullet proof WRT54GL router (running DD-WRT, of course) is now dead. I had an old wired router that I'm running off now with a bunch of cables running all over the place, but you don't realize how much you miss wireless on a laptop until it's gone (I have ethernet running to other computers in the house already, so they're fine). Looks like I need to get a new router ordered. I'm pretty sure I've had that WRT54GL since I had my back surgery, so it's probably due to be replaced anyway -- I can finally get myself an 802.11n router. (Edit, after looking through my records: I've had that Linksys router more recently than that. I had an old crappy D-Link prior to that.)

Everybody surviving the storm?

Posted by Jake on 02/15/11 @ 04:09 PM
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