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Any Home Theater Wizards Out There?

I'm trying to help my parents out with some home theater stuff for the house they're building (just about finished). I'm trying to find an all-in-one receiver that will play Blu-Ray (or DVD, but preferably BD), as the built-in entertainment center area only has room for one more component (as the DirecTV DVR takes up one of the two). Now that's not a big deal, as there are hundreds of those types of things out there, but I need one a bit more powerful and specialized: I need one that uses bare-wire speaker connectors (as he has in-wall speaker wire and I'm not using something with proprietary connectors like most of them have) and ideally has dual-zone support (as he has speaker wire running to the kitchen, deck, and bedroom as well).

Does such a beast exist? I have a thread open over on AVS Forum, but I figured I'd ask here if anybody knew of such a beast. Dual-zone support isn't as crucial, but it sure would be nice.

Update: Made it more clear that I need one of those home-theater-in-a-box type of setups that will play the DVDs as well as power the speakers. Realized I wasn't as clear as I could be with that. I basically need one box that will do it all. I have an Onkyo TXSR508 so I know all about multi-zone stand-alone receivers, just didn't have a clue if a HTiB setup was capable of doing this.

Posted by Jake on 01/19/11 @ 05:13 PM
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